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Christmas Cokes

"PAT'D DEC. 25 1923" (called the "Christmas Cokes") were produced from 1928 to 1938. The December 25 1923 is the patent date.  The shape of the bottle changed and this was the patent date of the new shape.  The previous bottle, which had a slightly larger middle was patented NOV. 16 1915.  The so-called Christmas Coke was merely a different shaped Coke bottle that was patented DEC 25.

Reproductions of the 1923 Cokes were produced in 1989. The easiest way to spot a reproduction is by looking at the base of the bottle.  The town name is circular with a circular line.  The 1990 eight ounce bottles also carry the same patent date of Dec. 25 1923.

I have begun to notice that for some strange reason people who are not avid collectors seem to place a high value on PAT'D DEC. 25 1923 bottles.  Perhaps there is some rumor going around that they have a great value, or something..... I just don't know.  However, a bottle with the Dec. 25 1923 patent date is not a rare find in most cases, especially if it is the 1989 reproduction or the 1990 bottle.  Even if it is the original so-called Christmas bottle, it has not great value unless it is from a town where bottles are rare.  A NOV. 16 1915 Coke or a Straight Sided Coke is worth far more.  Sure most Christmas Cokes from the 1920's are collectible, but don't waste $20. worth of gasoline going after a $10. bottle that someone told you about.
They are not rare finds in 99% of the cases.  All Contour Coke bottles made up until the mid 1960's are collectible.  There are many types of Contour Coke bottles, the NOV. 16 1915 style, the Dec 25 1923, the Patent D, the 6 FL OZ, the 6 1/2 FL OZ,  They are all collectible.  For example, a Patent D Coke bottle from Lawrenceville, Georgia is worth approximately $600 more than any Christmas Coke bottle from anywhere in Georgia.  A 6 1/2 FL OZ from Sylvania, Georgia is worth more than most Christmas Cokes from anywhere in Georgia.  A Straight Sided Coke bottle from  Abbeville, Georgia is worth approximately $1900. more than any Christmas Coke bottle from anwhere in Georgia.  Most Nov. 16 1915 bottles are worth more than double, usually more, than most Christmas bottles (with a few exceptions).  I would suggest that you not get carried away with a false notion that Christmas Cokes are valuable and highly collectible.  They are collectible, but there are many others that are more collectible.  I would rather have a Coca-Cola Flint Rock bottle from Cairo, Georgia than any Christmas Coke bottle from anywhere in Georgia that used that bottle.  Are you starting to get the picture now?  Collectible...but not any more special than many other Cokes.  Check out all of the other types of Coke bottles, and have fun collecting.