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About Olympic Pins

Olympic pin collecting became very popular in the USA
during the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Summer Games.  Then,
again, in 2002 during the Salt Lake City Winter Olympic
Games, Olympic pin collecting became even more popular.
There were many newspaper and television stories that inspired
people in the USA and around the world to collect these
valuable and interesting keepsakes from sports history.

This summer, 2016, the USA teams are competing again
in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  You can find Olympic pins that
have Brazilian themes, sports themes, and patriotic USA
themes.  They will look very nice framed and on display
in your den or family room.  Olympic pins make very
wonderful momentos to pass down through a family.

Athens Pins has been collecting, buying and selling
Olympic pins here in Athens, GA for over 20 years.
Please shop our website, and have fun watching the games.

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