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Georgia Coca-Cola Bottle
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This checklist was updated August 2014

This page does not list every type of Coke bottle,
please read carefully to see what it does list.

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Below is a complete list of the Georgia cities & towns known to have Coke bottles bearing their names.  The checklist contains retail values and collectability ratings.  Do not expect to sell a bottle at these values.  These values are what you might expect to pay in an antique store.

ANOTHER TYPE.  The bottles with the town
on the shoulder in large print contained Coke
as well as teh script logo bottles.  Usually, unless
the bottle stated "Soda Water", it would be filled
with Coke.  I have seen too many original bottles
to doubt this.  Script logo straight sided Cokes
have no greater value than any other type of
straight sided Coke.  The Georgia book values
were ficticious and biased.  I've sold non-script
straight sided Cokes for more than script versions.
SCRIPT logo Cokes aren't special or more
desireable from a collectibility perspective.  If
someone tells you otherwise, I supect that they
may be biased for whatever reason.  An example
is the Lawrenceville town on the shoulder bottle
which I picture on this sight with original cap and
Coke contents.  It's a far more attractive bottle
than it's script logo counterpart, and it sold
on Ebay for as much as the script logo bottles
have brought, if not more than some.

Please be aware that a misspelled town name does not add to the value.  Errors were common on Coke bottles. (more info)

Also, Coke bottles came in different colors and shades, the bottles were clear, blue, aqua, and green.  There were different shades of each color.  Dalton Straight Sided bottles were the only Georgia bottles in brownish amber.  THE COLOR OF THE BOTTLE HAS NO RELATIONSHIP TO VALUE.

I have the most complete collection
of all 5 types of Georgia embossed
contour (hobbleskirt) bottles known.
At this time I have 304 out of 314 possible
and approximately 300 more variations.
Most of my bottles are in very good
condition and professionally cleaned.
(I still need a couple dozen upgrades)
Also, I do not collect every variation of
every variation, that's not my goal.  I'm
not looking for every font style, every color
or every tiddley type of every type of bottle.

- But, I do have more types of every bottle
from every Georgia town than any other
collection of Georgia hobbleskirts known
and in the best condition known -
~ Not even the Sheik has this ~

(knowledge can be more useful than money
and a lot of knowledge is priceless)



The values are RETAIL, not what you should expect to sell the bottle for, but what you should expect to pay in an antique store.

That does not mean that it's RARE, it simply means that I have not had the time to list it yet or I don't feel that it's important enough to list at all.


Bottles with replaced parts are nearly worthless.  Condition matters !


01. Abbeville - (Values)

02. Albany - (Values)

03. Alma - (Values)

04. Americus - (Values)

05. Arlington - (Values)

06. Ashburn - (Values)

07. Athens - (Values, Coke & More)

08. Atlanta - (Values)

09. Augusta - (Values)

10. Bainbridge - (Values)

11. Ball Ground - (Values)

12. Barnesville - (Values)

13. Baxley - (Values)

14. Blakely - (Values)

15. Brunswick - (Values)

16. Buena Vista - (Values)

17. Cairo - (Values)

18. Carrollton - (Values)

19. Cartersville - (Values)

20. Cedartown - (Values)

21. Chipley (Pine Mountain) - (Values)

22. Claxton - (Valuse)

23. Cochran -  (Values)

24. Columbus - (Values)

?? Comer - not confirmed, but possible (Info)

25. Conyers - (Values)

26. Cordele - (Values)

27. Cornelia - (Values)

28. Cuthbert - (Values)

29. Dalton - (Values)

30. Darien - (Values)

31. Dawson - (Values)

Dixie (Atlanta) - (Values)
Dixie Coca-Cola Company Bottling Plant
Edgewood Avenue, Atlanta GA

32. Douglas - (Values)

33. Dublin - (Values)

34. Eastman - (Values)

35. Elberton - (Values)

36. Fairburn - (Values)

37. Fitzgerald - (Values)

38. Folkston - (Info)

39. Fort Valley - (Values)

40. Franklin - (Values)

41. Gainesville - (Values)

42. Griffin - (Values)

43. Hartwell - (Values)

44. Hawkinsville - (Values)

45. Helena - (Values)

46. Hinesville - (Values)

47. Jackson - (Values)

48. Jesup - (definately exists)-
The RAREST Georgia Coke bottle

49. Kingsland - (Values)

50. LaFayette - (Values)

51. LaGrange - (Values)

52. Lawrenceville - (Values)

53. Lincolnton - (Values)

54. Macon - (Values)

>> Madison - NONE - (More)

55. Manchester - (Values)

56. Marietta - (Values)

57. McRae - (Values)

58. Milledgeville - (Values)

59. Monroe - (Values)

60. Monticello - (Values)

61. Moultrie - (Values)

62. Newnan - (Values)

63. Pelham - (Values)

64. Richland - (Values) (Buy)

65. Rochelle - (Values)

66. Rome - (Values)

67. Royston - (Values)

68. Sandersville - (Values)

69. Savannah - (Values)

70. Senoia - (Values)

>>  Social Circle - not confirmed, but possible (info)

71. Statesboro - (Values)

72. Swainsboro - (Values)

73. Sylvania - (Values)

74. Sylvester - (Values)

75. Thomaston - (Values)

76. Thomasville - (Values)

77. Thomson - (Values)

78. Tifton - (Values)

79. Valdosta - (Values)

80. Vidalia - (Values)

81. Vienna - (Values)

82. Villa Rica - (Values)

83. Washington - (Values)

84. Waycross - (Values)

85. Waynesboro - (Values)

86. West Point - (Values)

87. Woodbury - (Values)

88. Wrens (Values)

Special thanks to Kyle Boatright, Gregg Kirchner, Joe Malcom, & Jeff Weinberg for providing photographs

Coca-Cola Bottling Plants & some dates started:
No bottles have been found from these plants:

Adrian 1919 - no bottle confirmed yet

Asheboro  - no bottle confirmed yet

Auburn -  no bottle confirmed yet

Commerce 1913 - no bottle confirmed yet

Dillard - no bottle confirmed yet

Fort Gaines 1916 - no bottle confirmed yet

Folkston 1913 - fairly reliable confirmation

Greensboro 1913 - no bottle confirmed yet

Hickox - no bottle confirmed yet (More)

Hogansville - no bottle confirmed yet

Jesup 1913 - recently confirmed

Meigs - no bottle confirmed yet

Nashville 1907 - no bottle confirmed yet

Nicholls - no bottle confirmed yet

Ocilla  - no bottle confirmed yet

Talbotton - no bottle confirmed yet

Toccoa - no bottle confirmed yet

Willacoochee 1920 - no bottle confirmed yet

Abbeville, Buena Vista, Cochran, Chipley, Fairburn, Folkston, Royston, and Woodbury are not known to have had Contour Coca-Cola bottles.  There are 79 Georgia towns known to have had Contour(Hobbleskirt) bottles.  There are 314 different basic embossed Contour bottles from Georgia.  This does not include color variations or error bottles.  The 314 bottles include, 1915, 1923, Patend D -105529, US Patent Office 6 oz, US Patent Office 6 1/2 oz.  The 314 total does not include glass maker variations either.

There are 74 Georgia towns known to have confirmed Straight Sided Coca-Cola script bottles.  Others, like Alma and Baxley, had a Straight Sided Coca-Cola bottle, but with block lettering. 


The Dixie Rating System

-1 = Not collectible
 1 = Usually very easy to find and very common
 1+ = Usually easy to find, but not very common
 1++ = Usually not easy to find, but available
 1+++ = Hard to find
 2 = Usually a little difficult to find and scarce
 2+ = Usually difficult to find and very scarce
 3 = Usually extremely difficult to find and rare
 3+ Extremely difficult to find and very rare
3++ The most rare

The Values on this site are my opinion.
(The values on this website are suggested  RETAIL)
Values are subject to change at any time.


This website is a BLOG that I use to express
my opinions.  If you find typographical errors
or grammatical errors, I humbly apologize.

I have three full-time jobs and this website
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times do not try to proof the copy.  In addition
I am legally BLIND, visually impaired, and
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I do not always take the time to ask someone
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I apologize if any of you have a problem
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Also, all information on this website and it's
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experience, and information gleaned from
other experts, and the bottom line is that
this information is made up of OPINIONS.
Sam Evans, EdS, MEd, LPC, CRC, NCC